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About NetGames USA


NetGames USA
A Computer Gaming Fun-Factor Enhancement Company


NetGames USA
is proud to provide ngStats™ and ngWorldStats™
Epic Games' Unreal Tournament.

NetGames USA is quickly becoming the trusted name in game play statistics, tournaments, rankings and ladder systems for today's hottest PC gaming titles. It was founded in 1998 by a dedicated group of computer gaming enthusiasts who also happened to be very capable professional network, computer, and software design engineers. NetGames USA was created to augment the capabilities of PC computer games by providing the community and game developers alike with software and systems that make playing games that much more fun.

Our roots are well grounded in the gaming industry as two of NetGames USA's participants are founding and active members in the PC Game mod group Orange Smoothie Productions. We understand what gamers want and need because we are gamers ourselves.
NetGames USA is experiencing rapid growth and excited interest by teaming up with today's top developers and freely providing them and their game players with the best gameplay scoring and statistics tracking software and systems available anywhere for both off and online game play through its
ngStats and ngWorldStats software and systems. Additionally, our ngTCS™ - Tourney Control System continues to provide professional PC gaming leagues and events with the most powerful automated control software available for operating competitive gaming tournaments.

And this is just the beginning of what is planned! NetGames USA looks forward to continuing to provide the gaming community with innovative, powerful, easy and fun to use software systems that enhance the process of playing computer games.

NetGames USA

Have Fun and Happy Fragging!

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NetGames USA is Craig A. Sparks, Michael T. Swink, Jason K. Keimig, Benjamin J. Ewy, Steven G. Pennington, Kelly Stump, Seth Hollub, Joseph B. Evans, Rusty E. Huntsman, Brad R. Gampper, Jesse M. Davis

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