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NetGames USA

is proud to provide ngStats™ and
Epic Games' Unreal Tournament.

ngStats is provided by
NetGames USA in direct association and partnership with Epic Games. However, ngStats is not supported supported by either Epic Games or the publisher of Unreal Tournament, GT Interactive. Additionally, ngStats is provided to you under certain terms and conditions.

The latest instructions, upgrades, patches and general support using ngStats for Unreal Tournament can be found at the following URL. You are encouraged to read through this entire help page first if you are looking for answers to a support questions. Thanks and have fun!



General ngStats Information

ngStats tracks performance statistics for single player and local LAN games only. When you play games online on the Internet the ngWorldStats system tracks your statistics and ranks you against all participating online Unreal Tournament users. To find out more information about how the ngWorldStats system works see the help using ngWorldStats section for details.

Here is how ngStats works. By default Unreal Tournament logs all play information to a file for each game played. ngStats can then take these logs and turn them into detailed html based scoring, game play statistics, and High Scores information for your viewing. You have two options at your disposal to view your ngStats as shown is the following screenshot and described below.

How to View your ngStats from within UT

  • While using Unreal Tournament you can view your ngStats anytime by choosing to view them from the "Stats" pull down menu from within the game. Select "View Local ngStats" to view your ngStats. You may optionally select "View Global ngWorldStats" to view your ngWorldStats from Internet games you may have played.

  • You can also choose to run ngStats at anytime by selecting "View my Local UT stats. [ngStats]" in the Unreal Tournament section of your Windows Start Menu. ngStats will then run and open your default web browser to view your ngStats. This method is handy if you just want to view your ngStats without having to run Unreal Tournament.

ngStats keeps detailed individual games on record for a number of the most recent games played with the default being 15, before being overwritten by new games. See the advanced options section below for details on how to increase the maximum stored at one time.

In addition to keeping detailed information for the most recent games played, ngStats maintains a running "Career Totals" database that keeps track of a totals summary of all statistics from every game ever logged. If you run LAN parties and would like to learn how to use ngStats to keep track of the total scores and statistics for such an event then visit the Unreal Tournament
ngStats section at
NetGames USA for details.


The features available in ngStats and as seen on the side bar sections to the left are described in detail below.


Individual Game Stats

This is where game play statistics about individual games are presented.

 Last Game   This is the last game that was logged.
 Most Recent  Index of your most recent games logged. The default is 15. See below to learn how to change this number if you desire.
The Single
  Highest Scoring
  Game of All Time
 Any time the total Frag count for a game played beats the previous record then it will be permanently stored here replacing the previous one.

All-Time Stats

This is where total accumulated game play statistics are presented.

Each section below also breaks the ngStats totals down by game type. Currently Last Man Standing games are scored as Deathmatch games.

 All Totals  If you are the only person to play on your copy of Unreal Tournament then this section simply contains a summary of your personal Totals information in addition to Totals of any Bots that you have played with.
If you host multiplayer games over a LAN on your local copy of Unreal Tournament then this section also contains Totals information for all Players involved.
 Human Totals Totals information from Human Players only
 Bot Totals Totals information from Bot Players only
 Rankings The All-Time rankings of all Humans and Bot Players.
High Scores High Scores from Humans and Bot Players.
Player List An alphabetical list of all Players, Human and Bots, that have ever played a game.


Unreal Tournament Scoring Definitions
as Presented in ngStats

 Kills   Number of times a player kills another player.

Note: Both Humans and Bots are considered Players.
Also, in a team based game killing a teammate does not count as a Kill, these are totaled separately in TK - Team Kills and detract from the players Frags and the Teams Frags as a whole.
 Suicides  Number of times a player dies due to an action of their own cause such as drowning, falling to death, or fatal splash damage from a weapon they fired.
Frags  A players Frag count is their
Kills minus their Suicides.

Note: In a team based game Frags are
Kills minus Suicides minus Team Kills
 Deaths   Number of times a Player has been killed by another player.
Note: Suicides do not count as a Death as they are tracked separately.

Note: In a team based game Deaths do not include being killed by a teammate. These deaths are totaled separately in TD - Team Deaths.

Additionally, in a Weapon Specific Information table Deaths are the number of times a player died while holding that weapon.
F K D S Some Teamplay games such as Domination have abbreviated titles for Frags, Kills, Deaths and Suicides as F, K, D and S respectively.
(Team Kills) 
 Number of times a player in a team based game has killed someone on their own team. Team Kills subtract from a players personal Frags and thus the teams Frags as a whole.
(Team Deaths)
 Number of times a player in a team based game has been killed by someone on their own team.
CTF Scoring
Flag Events 
CTF Scoring 7 points per Flag Capture
4 points per Flag Kill
1 point per Frag
CTF Totals Note: Team Totals are just Flag Captures and do not equal the "Total" of the individual players. A Player's Totals are their total CTF Scoring from above.
Flag Captures A Player touching the opposing flag with their own flag.
Flag Kills Killing an opposing player who is carrying your flag.
Flag Assists Carrying the flag at least once during a successful capture, but not actually capturing it.
Flag Saves A Player picking their own flag up and causing it to return to base.
Flag Pickups A flag picked up either in the field or from "in place" from the opposing base.
Flag Drops Anytime a Player drops the flag regardless of cause.
Last Man Standing Lives count down from the frag limit. The last player with any lives left wins.
See the Unreal Tournament manual for details.
 Efficiency   For Kills:
Kills/(Kills+Deaths+Suicides+Team Kills)

For vs. another Player:
Kills vs. Player/(Kills Vs Player + Deaths by Player)

For a Weapon:
Kills with Weapon/(Kills with Weapon + Deaths while holding the Weapon + Suicides with the Weapon)
 FPH   Frags Per Hour

Frags/Time of Play (in Hours)

Frags Per Hour can be used as a relative indicator of skill in a game where different players entered the game at different times.
 A players Average Time to Live.

This measures a players average amount of time in seconds they live after each respawn in a game.
 Ping   The average ping of a player during a game.
Ping is the round trip delay in milliseconds that your computer has to the game server. Although there are other factors that contribute to the overall quality of your connection, in general the lower your ping the better.
 Time in individual game stats is minutes played.
In Total Game Stats it is expressed in hours.
 In Unreal Tournament, a Player who kills a large number of enemies without dying gains the special status of being on a "Killing Spree."
List of the consecutive Frag counts at which various
spree status is granted:

5 - Killing Spree!
10 - Rampage!
15 - Dominating!
20 - Unstoppable!
25 - God Like!

Sprees are promoted to the next level when obtained, meaning a single instance of 10 kills with out dying counts as a single Rampage, not as a Killing Spree and a Rampage in your ngStats. Individual Sprees and why they ended during a particular game are listed in the Game Summaries section of that games ngStats.

Multi Kills are noted for each player. Every time a player makes a kill they have up to 3 seconds to make another kill. Go from one kill to two in less than 3 seconds and it is a Double Kill, get another kill in less than 3 seconds and it is a Multi kill, etc. The complete list in order is:
Double Kill
Multi Kill
Ultra Kill
Monster Kill

Just as with Killing Sprees, Multi Kills are promoted to the next level. This means if you kill 5 or 15 Players with a single Redeemer shot for instance they both will be recorded as a single Monster Kill.

Kills due to a precise shot to the head of the Victim, causing instant death.
First player to get a kill in a game.


Special Notes and Advanced Options


  • The numbers in square brackets after a Bot is the skill level that the bot was playing at from 1 to 8 with 1 being Novice and 8 GodLike. If you play Arkon on the lowest skill level, Arkon[1], he will have different stats then playing Arkon on the highest skill level.

  • In the "Most Recent - Individual Game Stats" section the maximum number of individual games' ngStats that are kept before they start getting deleted in favor of the newer ones and is controlled by a variable:

    Max_Most_Recent X

    Where X is set to 15 by default. This variable is kept in a config file, ngStatsUT.cfg located in the following path under your Unreal Tournament directory:

    You may increase it if you wish by editing this file with a text editor. The maximum allowed is 1000. Keep in mind the higher this is set the more disk space is required to keep the
    ngStats html from each game so increase it based on your needs and available disk space.  Also be very careful to leave the formatting of the ngStatsUT.cfg file in place. Do not remove the "Tab" character in front of the number.

    Note: All Time Stats are cumulative and never get deleted.

  • Resetting your ngStats

    If for some reason you wish to reset or clear your
    ngStats back to zero so you can start over you may do the following. However, be forewarned that there is no way to undo this procedure and you will loose all previous local ngStats you have accumulated. Your global ngWorldStats will not be effected at all by this procedure.

    Go to the following path in your Unreal Tournament directory:


    and delete every file located in the "data" directory. The next time you play Unreal Tournament and choose to view your ngStats they will be reset. All of the old html will automatically be deleted at this time also.

  • Incomplete Log Files

    Unreal Tournament creates logs as temporary files with a ".tmp" extension when a game has not yet completed and is in progress. If a game did not properly complete for instance if it did not reach a timelimit, fraglimit, capture limit etc. and the game was manually quit or crashed then the logfile will be incomplete and left as a temporary file.
    ngStats can either ignore them or process them at your discretion controlled by the variable "LogTmpFiles" in the config file, ngStatsUT.cfg located in the following path under your Unreal Tournament directory:

    You may edit this file with any text editor and set it to either:
    LogTmpFiles = true or false

    Note: A game's temporary logfile must be at least 2 hours old before it will be processed by
    ngStats. This is to protect .tmp log files on servers running multiple games at once. If you wish to process it sooner you will need to go to the UnrealTournament/Logs dir and change it's file extension from ".tmp" to ".log" and run ngStats manually. See above for details on how to run ngStats manually.

  • Although it is possible to run ngStats for Unreal Tournament by dragging and dropping log files or directories of log files onto the ngStatsUT.exe executable yourself you are advised not to do so unless you know exactly what you are doing. You run the risk of tainting your "Career Totals" game play statistics with incorrect information by doing so. Running ngStatsUT.exe on your own is considered an advanced option and only recommended for knowledgeable users. Example users who might find this useful would be:

    • Players who run (Local Area Network) LAN Parties and want to keep separate ngStats of the entire event.
    • Players who run multiple, non commercial, dedicated servers and wish keep ngStats for their servers in addition to their ngWorldStats.

These are but two possible examples. If you wish to obtain information on how to run ngStats manually for any reason then visit the ngStats section at NetGames USA,


  • If you are responsible for an Internet based server you may run both ngStats and ngWorldStats simultaneously. This way you can keep a local record of your server while still having game play on it included in ngWorldStats.

  • If you run LAN Parties, servers for Clan use, or just for fun you can add your own customizable logo to the side bar of your copy of ngStats. You can even go one step further and create custom "skins" and change the entire look and feel of ngStats for yourself and others to enjoy. For details and instructions on how to make or use custom skins visit the Unreal Tournament ngStats section at NetGames USA,


Thank you, Have Fun and Happy Fragging!

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